Sunday, 14 February 2016

Here's how you can help to make Bengaluru better TODAY? Stop whining and do some of these!

  • Use Public transportation and help lessen Traffic congestion
  • Identify and Report specific civic issues (If you cant do anything else at least Do the highlighed text at least once a week if you find like open Garbage, Debris on footpath, Illegal Ad on wall or electric pole. You can make a difference by doing this - Seriously, its a 1 min job to cut a BBMP ticket. Even if 5% of Bangaloreans do this our city will be clean)
    • Log a BBMP ticket here  for civic issues like Open Garbage dumps, Empty sites filled with Garbage, Debris on Footpaths, illegal advertisement, defacing of walls by posters, etc  and give exact address of civic issue. Their call center does give a call back and many times they address the issue (albeit temporarily). (Note: I have had no luck with BBMP cleaning empty site!)
    • Log a ticket here for Traffic Offenses - Take a photo with license plate of the offender for issues like Parking on footpath/no-parking zones, Wrong side driving, old smoke emitting vehicles esp 2-stroke autos, 
    • Note: Do not do any commit these crimes yourself: throwing garbage outside, driving on wrong side, putting ads on trees, sticking posters on walls, etc
  • Provide inputs to BBMP for Ward development
  • Plant trees where ever you can in public spaces like Parks, in your Houses 
  • Civic advocacy
    • Sign online petitions that you agree with: Namma Metro Link and Namma Railu Link 
    • Share and spread articles & petitions within your social circle and spread the much-needed awareness on civic issues/solutions. Shine the spotlight by Retweeting/Sharing and ensuring right civil servants/ministers know about the issues
    • Write/Email directly your concerns/ideas/solutions to civil servants, leaders & media. Listed are a few email ids and twitter ids
    • Subscribe and Read civic journals and increase your awareness on civic matters and advocacy - and . Ask your friends and family to subscribe to these great civic magazines. It is FREE and all you need is email id to subscribe.
    • Become a member of BPAC

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