Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Friday, 27 May 2016

Namma Railu model can be model for Decongesting Top 10 Indian Cities by ensuring future growth happens in Satellite towns or areas en route!

Namma Rail or Suburban trains to/from satellite towns  Nelamangala, Bidadi, Ramanagara, Hosur, Bangarpet, Chikballapur, Dodballapur. If there are fast & high-frequency suburban trains with a few stops then 75km distance can be covered in around 1 hour. So this gives people to live in low-cost satellite towns and if they need to come to work or for leisure to the city, they just hop on to one of these fast trains and they are in the city in <1 hour. This is the model for de-congesting all Top Indian cities and ensuring new growth (industries, housing,etc) doesn't happen in congested cities but happens in satellite towns...This model needs to be seriously looked at. Its not just the satellite towns, areas on route to these satellite towns can be developed too.

(Credit: Pic below taken from Praja Raag, org advocating Namma Railu)

Here are 3 write ups that explain the value of Suburban trains. This is a must-read for people who complain or are concerned about Bengaluru traffic.


Thursday, 7 April 2016

What constitutes a Sustainable Transportation Solution for Bengaluru and Why ?

  • Why any solution that does not improve public mass transportation AND discourage private transportation is doomed to fail in a highly-dense city ? link  (Sent to BPAC, WFrising, Mayor, Janagraaha, etc)
  • What is the Bengaluru you wanna see in 2025: Hell or Paradise?!? here 
    • Why elevated e-ways is not sustainable solution and what better, less costly things that can be done to solve our transportation mess 
  • Some simple much needed suggestions to improve BMTC city bus services here

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Here's how you can help to make Bengaluru better TODAY? Stop whining and do some of these!

  • Use Public transportation and help lessen Traffic congestion
  • Identify and Report specific civic issues (If you cant do anything else at least Do the highlighed text at least once a week if you find like open Garbage, Debris on footpath, Illegal Ad on wall or electric pole. You can make a difference by doing this - Seriously, its a 1 min job to cut a BBMP ticket. Even if 5% of Bangaloreans do this our city will be clean)
    • Log a BBMP ticket here  for civic issues like Open Garbage dumps, Empty sites filled with Garbage, Debris on Footpaths, illegal advertisement, defacing of walls by posters, etc  and give exact address of civic issue. Their call center does give a call back and many times they address the issue (albeit temporarily). (Note: I have had no luck with BBMP cleaning empty site!)
    • Log a ticket here for Traffic Offenses - Take a photo with license plate of the offender for issues like Parking on footpath/no-parking zones, Wrong side driving, old smoke emitting vehicles esp 2-stroke autos, 
    • Note: Do not do any commit these crimes yourself: throwing garbage outside, driving on wrong side, putting ads on trees, sticking posters on walls, etc
  • Provide inputs to BBMP for Ward development
  • Plant trees where ever you can in public spaces like Parks, in your Houses 
  • Civic advocacy
    • Sign online petitions that you agree with: Namma Metro Link and Namma Railu Link 
    • Share and spread articles & petitions within your social circle and spread the much-needed awareness on civic issues/solutions. Shine the spotlight by Retweeting/Sharing and ensuring right civil servants/ministers know about the issues
    • Write/Email directly your concerns/ideas/solutions to civil servants, leaders & media. Listed are a few email ids and twitter ids
    • Subscribe and Read civic journals and increase your awareness on civic matters and advocacy - and . Ask your friends and family to subscribe to these great civic magazines. It is FREE and all you need is email id to subscribe.
    • Become a member of BPAC

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Ideas for a better Bengaluru!

Transportation Related 
  • Open Letter to BMTC CEO , Ms Ekroop Caur: 6 simple suggestions (sent Jan 31, 2016)- link
  • Open Letter to Ramalinga Reddy, Transportation minister: Let's make Bengaluru Transportation World-Class in 2016 -(sent Jan 31, 2016) Link 
  • 3-Point Action Plan to resolve the Transportation mess -(published Jan 11, 2016. Article has 250,000 views, >4000 likes in social media) Link
  • Open Letter to Commuters - 8 reasons to stop taking out your private cars and start using BMTC AC volvo bus services! - Link  
  • Open Letter to Vasanth Rao, Namma Metro's peak hour capacity woefully inadequate! Link
  • Here's how citizens of Bengaluru can give a fitting tribute to Harish Nanjappa link 
  • Minibus/Vans esp for last mile connectivity (published on Oct 12 2015) - Link
  • Citizen's petition to Complete Metro Phase 2 by 2019 - Please sign here Link to support it!  
  • Namma Railu - Support Citizen matters advocacy Link 
General Civic Issues

  • Civic Issues - How does B'luru feel to senses immediately after landing from USA ?! What should we change ? And Why ? How ? link
  • Open Garbage Dumps and how it hurts Benguluru and why it makes Business sense to permanently eliminate them ? Link
  • Civic & Swatch Bharath Metrics -  These metrics needs to be published by an independent org like ICMYC- Link .This scorecard, trend and detailed report should be emailed monthly to To: Ward BBMP councillors, Ward IAS officer, BBMP Commissioner cc: B'lore Mayor, KJ George, CM Karnataka, Chief secretary to CM of Karnataka, BPAC, All ICMYC B'lore citizens mailing list. A detailed report behind the scorecard that provides exact location (google marker map) of the Open Dump with a small pic also needs to be attached. Above metrics are just a sampling. All kinds of metrics like # of potholes, # of footpath encroachments, etc can be added to this scorecard
  • Draft Action Plan to fix civic issues in Benguluru - Link
  • Miscellaneous - Garbage Reporting 
    • Ring Road after 50ft main rd towards Kanakapura road - Link - Happy to report BBMP has resolved this dump(at least on one side) as of Feb 11th
    • Garbage burning by workers, Padmanabhanagar  - Feb 2, 2016 Link
    • Garbage burning, Tippasandra Road barely 50 meters from Kanakapura Road - Feb 10th, 2016 Link